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"Its lightness and security of grip makes Tiagra an ideal cane in recovering from sports injury, stroke or hip replacement."
    -Michael Umanoff, M.D. (Pain Management - Paterson, NJ)

"Tiagra is a cane for the new millennium."
   -Gabriel P. Lu, M.D., (Licensed Acupuncturist - Scarsdale, NY)

"It's the most innovative and highly stabilizing cane design I have ever seen."

  -Dr. Howard P. Blum (Chiropractor - Stamford, CT)

"Although people are living longer and relying more on assistive devices, there hasn't been much innovation in canes. Tiagra's light weight and wide base combined with a customized wooden grip means it's more stable than standard canes and much more comfortable."

   -Priscilla Kaszubski, D.O. (Physical Medicine and Rehab-Paterson,NJ)

"A New Cane That's Right In Step: A retired mechanical engineer, George Stanec, has invented a high tech walking cane that combines aerospace materials and finely carved wood. The result is a sturdy yet lightweight cane with artistic flair. The cane looks and behaves nothing like traditional wooden or utilitarian aluminum canes - and that's the point."

   -The Journal News July 8, 2007

"The stable base and light body of Tiagra canes is perfect for chronic pain patients who opt for non surgical treatment and need support to maintain their balance."
   -Mark Badach, M.D. (Pain Management - Paterson, NJ)

"Tiagra takes walking assistive devices to a whole new level."
   -Jim Verna, D.D.S. (New York, NY)

"I consider the Tiagra Cane to be the best cane I have ever used. I have had two hip replacements and use the cane whenever I walk long distances or will be on my feet for a long time. I regularly walk three to four miles per day on my job. I am particularly impressed that switching to the Tiagra Cane greatly reduced the shock, stress, and pain in my wrist."
  -Richard Coffey, Ph.D.(Elk Grove Village, IL)

"I have had one of your canes for about a year and a half. The cane is great and I've gotten many admiring comments during my travels. I want to order one for my sister. She lives in a fourteen story senior living home."
  -Bill H. (Burlington, VT)

"I want to let you know what a smash hit your canes are. Brien will only use your canes, won't even consider any others. Brien has MS and everyone of his doctors has scrutinized and raved about your canes. People stop us in the elevator, doctors' offices, etc. and want to know where we got them. The last cane you sent us is so very beautiful, even more than we could have imagined. I've never seen wood like this before."
   -Donna D. (Bayside, TX)

"Your cane is beautiful and a perfect helper. I like the ambidextrous handle - out of beautifully finished bird's eye maple. I can still get along without a cane but I'm taking this baby into the bank, to restaurants, the grocery, wherever, just to show off your design and workmanship. Thanks from a happy customer."
  -Mark E. (Santa Maria, CA)

"It really is skid proof and saved me many times from slipping on rainy streets."
  -Joan Bachman (Greenwich, CT)

"I've had my cane for almost 5 years and I'm amazed that the foam base still does not need replacement. With my old cane I had to replace the rubber tip every couple of months. Thank you for such a great product."
  -K. Kovac (Munich, Germany)

"Five years ago after extensive back surgery, I lost my balance and needed a cane. I tried orthopedic and conventional canes and found them poor for support, weight, and "slipping" on uneven surfaces. I researched canes on the internet and found Tiagra Canes. I now have 7, I use 2 on occasions, long distances, and keep spares in the house and car. The stability, the light weight, and the exquisite, comfortable grip is fantastic. If you need a cane, Tiagra is your answer. Try the exotic hard woods, they last forever."
  -Bruce Buehler, M.D. (Omaha, NE)

"It's more than an assistive walking device, it brings joy back into mobility."
  -Jeff Danford (Asheville, NC)

"The cane is beautiful. I used it this weekend and it is the best cane I have ever had for comfort. The height is perfect."
  -Simon F., M.D. (Houston, TX)

"I have been living with chronic pain due to osteoporosis of my hip and spine, also degenerative disc disease of the spine, neck and knee. My wonderful cane arrived Friday. The carving of the rosewood handle exceeds all my expectations plus the light weight is a joy to walk with. I continue to receive comments and compliments every day and have been saved from falling on many occasions. We have been having thunder storms throughout the day and walking our English bull terrier has been altogether different with your wide micro cell base on the rain-slicked street and sidewalk. Two weeks ago Dallas had a three inch ice storm, so in removing my micro cell base, I was able to maneuver in the icy conditions using the fine tip. Your canes are architectural art and most importantly, engineered like no other canes. Thank you for the wonderful craftsmanship."
  -Tully Weiss (Dallas, TX)

"Just received my cane today and am very pleased with the workmanship. I can't thank you enough for the quality work."
-Michael Hipsman (Downey, CA)

"The cane is great. I get a lot of looks when I go out with it. The lightness and ease of handling beats everything else I've had. It is as advertised. I endorse the cane 100%. Thanks for a great product."
-Gary W. K. (North East, MD)

"My Tiagra cane has been everything plus more than I expected. Everywhere I go I am stopped with inquiries as to where I got the Tiagra. Thanks for all your help and bless the day I discovered your website."
-Peter G. (San Francisco, CA)

"The cane arrived this week. It is beautiful and functional. An excellent job."
  -Pat F. (Chicago, Illinois)

"Just read your very interesting article in The Reporter. I have been handicapped for several years due to a bout with cancer and a bad right knee. I have been using a walking stick which is okay but nothing compared to your canes."
  -Harold D. (White Plains, NY)

"A few years ago I followed a wonderful New Yorker down Madison Avenue, dressed in black and white with short white hair... very chic with something in her hand that looked like... could it be? a sort of cane. We chatted and she told me about you. At the time I was thinking of my elderly aunt.... alas, now I am thinking of myself. I have arthritis in the right hip. Two cortisone shots and don't want more. I will need a hip replacement but trying to stave it off. I travel a lot. I would never have considered a cane until now and certainly not anything other than your wonderful design."
  -W. B. (Istanbul, Turkey)

"I am absolutely amazed at how beautiful this cane is. I am so glad I found your company and it has been a pleasure buying from you too."
   Andre M. (Valby, Denmark)

"The cane arrived. Judy, my wife, loves it. Thanks for all your help and a wonderful cane."
  -Allan G. (Toronto, Canada)

"When I am using my Tiagra Cane I feel safe. What I appreciate most is its light weight and graceful shape. It is also very practical because it can be used not only in summer but also in winter. I thank the inventor for making such a useful thing."
  -Vladislav Garaj, Ph.D (Bratislava, Slovakia)

"I had a stroke 5 years ago and depend on a cane to walk and perform my job as a hairdresser. I'm 5 feet and 11 inches tall, almost 6 feet, so my hands are equal to my size. The handle fits my hand and makes it easy to use."
   -Iris Richman (Portchester, NY)

"I spotted a man walking with an unusual cane in SoHo and sent my husband running after him. That's how I found Tiagra. I began using a cane after a hip operation. I now own 2 Tiagra canes, including one with a special wider base that's suitable for walking on sand. I've used it on beaches in the Caribbean and Brazil. Everybody notices the lady with the unusual cane. It's really saved me. I'm an art dealer and have travelled all over the world with it. It's beautiful and I value it's aesthetics but it's also light, strong, wonderful to hold and very stable."
  - Adrienne W. Sternklar (New York, NY)

"Thank you for a perfect cane, best I ever had. It's light and with the titanium neck, fits great in my hand, plus it's so easy to walk with. I take it with me everywhere!"
   -George D.S. (Racine, Wisconsin)

"In 2002, after my father lost his foot to a diabetic infection, I went searching the internet for the best cane I could find. I chose Tiagra. My father is doing well and is still happy with his Tiagra cane. I highly recommend Tiagra to people who want the best cane on earth."
  -Bill Ghallager PT, CMT, CYT, (Physical Therapist/Tai Chi Teacher/Yoga Therapist, New York, NY)

"My tiagra cane brings style and grace to my walking and security to each step."
   -Annie K. (Munich, Germany)

"I'm very impressed with Tiagra's performance and its sporty look. Finally, a cane that's keeping up with the times."
  -Mel Dalebout (Salt Lake City, UT)

"The cane is great. The lightness and ease of handling beats everything else I've had."
  -Gary W.K. (North East, MD)

"My father was diagnosed with Parkinson's 12 years ago and used 2 Tiagra Canes in place of a walker. He said his canes made him feel elegant, not like an old man with a disability. He was fond of saying that while he's alive he needs his canes to walk in and out of the bathroom with dignity but when he dies he will need them to walk into heaven. He loved his canes so much he requested he be buried with them which is in fact what we did. Thank you for making the last years of my father's life easier and brighter."
  -Alena Baltz (Stuttgart, Germany)
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