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For anyone recovering from sports injury, lower back injury or an orthopedic surgical procedure such as hip or knee replacement, Tiagraʼs comfort grip, sturdiness and sporty elegance is an ideal recovery support system.

“Its lightness and security of grip makes Tiagra an ideal cane in recovering from sports injury, stroke or hip replacement.”

-Michael Umanoff, M.D. (Pain Management - Paterson, NJ)



For anyone with a medical condition that requires ongoing support in walking or anyone suffering with chronic joint or back pain, Tiagra Canes provides exactly the kind of lightness and stability necessary for every day use. Our canes are built to last.For anyone recovering from sports injury, lower back injury or an orthopedic surgical procedure such as hip or knee replacement, Tiagraʼs comfort grip, sturdiness and sporty elegance is an ideal recovery support system.

“The stable base and light body of Tiagra canes is perfect for chronic pain patients who opt for non surgical treatment and need support to maintain their balance.”

-Mark Badach, M.D. (Pain Management - Paterson, NJ)


Don't carry your cane...
let your cane carry you!

“Tiagra takes walking assistive devices to a whole new level.”

-Jim Verna, D.D.S. (Scarsdale, NY)

With Tiagra you will always have one strong leg to stand on.



For anyone requiring an assistive device to maintain balance during daily outdoor or indoor activities, for anyone interested in preventing bone fracture caused by falling and for anyone concerned about age-related mobility issues keeping them from being an active and productive member of society, nothing matches Tiagraʼs classic style and balance control.

I consider the Tiagra Cane to be the best cane I have ever used. I have had two hip replacements and use the cane whenever I walk long distances or will be on my feet for a long time. I regularly walk three to four miles per day on my job. I am particularly impressed that switching to the Tiagra Cane greatly reduced the shock, stress, and pain in my wrist.

-Richard Coffey, Ph.D.(Elk Grove Village, IL)

This is your Wake Up Cane! Aging does not have to mean you let go of your younger image. Just let go of your older cane!

“Die young as late as possible”. -Goethe

What do George Washington, David Henry Thoreau, King Tutankhamen, Henry III, Salvador Dali, Sitting Bull, Charlie Chaplin, Edgar Allen Poe, Will Rogers and Walt Whitman have in common? In their later years, they all used a cane to walk.

If we look at the evolution of canes, we see that it all started with a crude club which caveman used as a weapon for attack or defense, a purpose for which our cane remains well adapted by simply removing the wide foam base and exposing the metal tip. The club evolved into a staff for herding sheep and then into a walking stick. Unfortunately for cavemen, they did not live long enough to be able to use their walking stick for old age infirmities. And fortunately for us, our life spans are 3 times that of the cavemen. We have the opportunity to age with distinction and class.

“Beautiful young people are accidents of nature,
but beautiful old people are works of art.”

- Eleanor Roosevelt

In the 18th century canes were a status symbol, a mark of nobility. Every gentlemen and lady had a cane, most of them decorative or clever with secret compartments for perfume, liquor, daggers, bordello whips and even trumpets. In the 20th century canes have become simply utilitarian... UNLESS... you own a Tiagra Cane where excellence of function unites with excellence of beauty. Now is the perfect time to upgrade your retirement image... no compromise on aesthetics or practicality.


Your Tiagra Cane not only makes walking easier, it makes you look good while youʼre walking, adding style to your appearance and highlighting your good taste. Whether it is the chic handle or the sleek shaft, the stylish design attracts positive attention.

I have had one of your canes for about a year and a half. The cane is great and I’ve gotten many admiring comments during my travels.
-Bill H. (Burlington, VT)

Your Tiagra Cane goes with any occasion, brings pizzaz to any outfit and blends with any decor or environment because beauty blends with everything.

I want to let you know what a smash hit your canes are. Brien will only use your canes, won’t even consider any others. Brien has MS and everyone of his doctors has scrutinized and raved about your canes. People stop us in the elevator, doctors’ offices, etc. and want to know where we got them. The last cane you sent us is so very beautiful, even more than we could have imagined. I’ve never seen wood like this before.
-Donna D. (Bayside, TX)

Even if you are not dependent on a cane for walking, the pleasure in carrying one is in that it keeps your hands busy, creating a feeling of ease, poise and focus.

Everyone loves swinging a cane, rhythmically making contact with the ground, like a pendulum, marking time with each step. And of course thereʼs the pleasure of simply sitting while your hands rest in a kingly or queenly fashion on beautiful, hand-carved wood. Itʼs like having a trusted friend with you wherever you go, helping you stand up and sit down with grace and walk safely in any kind of weather.

Two weeks ago Dallas had a three inch ice storm, so in removing my micro cell base, I was able to maneuver in the icy conditions using the fine tip. Your canes are architectural art and most importantly, engineered like no other canes. Thank you for the wonderful craftsmanship.
-Tully Weiss. (Dallas, Texas)

In awkward moments or stressful situations your hands can be anchored on your beautiful sturdy cane. Your cane is a moving anchor connecting your upper body to your lower body and your lower body to the ground. Itʼs like a traveling companion that keeps you connected to the ground and allows you to move with grace, ease and security.

Just as glasses make it possible for us to see what we couldnʼt see before, canes make it possible for us to go where we couldnʼt go before and Tiagra makes it possible for us to go where we couldnʼt go before IN STYLE!

Many of our customers who no longer need a cane, still take their Tiagra wherever they go. An object of beauty is always uplifting to have around.

Your cane is beautiful and a perfect helper. I like the ambidextrous handle - out of beautifully finished bird’s eye maple. I can still get along without a cane but I’m taking this baby into the bank, to restaurants, the grocery, wherever, just to show off your design and workmanship. Thanks from a happy customer.
-Mark E. (Santa Maria, CA)


For temporary mobility issues enjoy your Tiagra caneʼs secure support and after you have healed or recovered, use Tiagra as a hiking stick or a walking stick by simply removing the wide foam base and allowing the metal tip to have direct contact with the ground.


As a walking stick, Tiagra is an excellent aid for traveling and recreational activities. Both the metal tip and cushioning foam base offer enhanced agility, support and balance for hiking on rocky and uneven trails. The overall featherweight design feels free and unfettered, supporting you in your quest for adventure and life!



If you have no mobility issues and youʼre over 60, think ahead, think preventively. We invite you to consider walking with a cane before you need one so that you will never “need” one. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Most injuries and fractures occur not because of a bone problem but because people lose their balance and fall.

“It really is skid proof and saved me many times from slipping on rainy streets.”
-Joan Bachman (Greenwich, CT)

I have been saved from falling on many occasions.
-Tully Weiss (Dallas, TX)

For low cost health insurance get Tiagra.
For no cost health assurance WALK with Tiagra every day

“Above all, do not lose your desire to walk. Every day I walk myself into a state of well-being and walk away from every illness. I have walked myself into my best thoughts, and I know of no thought so burdensome that one cannot walk away from it.”

-Soren Kierkegaard

Tiagra Canes

Lightweight, Custom-Made Walking Support
Beauty and Function,
Strength and Elegance
Comfort and Space Age Technology
Fused Into One




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