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Tiagra Canes is a subsidiary of Medar Corporation, a family owned company formed in 1983, devoted to research, innovation and shifting the paradigms of aging. With 6 issued patents to date, Medarʼs inventions include the APM Monitor, a medical device to measure muscle relaxation during anesthesia, and Delta Ski, an indoor exercise system using skis. Our mission at Tiagra Canes is to improve the quality of life, relieve suffering and support our clients with mobility issues in the fulfillment of their personal and professional goals by providing them with the most high-tech, reliable, beautifully crafted cane on the market. Our commitment is to transform the cane userʼs image from disability to ability. We believe that freedom of movement is right up there with freedom of speech. Weʼve built our business on listening. Listening to our customers, our employees, our intuition, our mentors, our suppliers, our parents and our children. We organize our company around goals, not credit, recognizing the significance of everyoneʼs contribution. Currently, our canesʼ uniqueness and superb quality have created a powerful word of mouth buzz. Our goal is to maintain our sense of humor and become internationally recognized as THE company that replaced traditional canes, making them obsolete just as spectacles have been replaced by attractive and functional reading glasses. In this throw away society, we are proud to make canes built to last and to have earned our customersʼ loyalty.


Anna and George Stanec

GEORGE STANEC, PhD. - Inventor, Engineer

Born in a small town north of Prague, George followed his dream of becoming an engineer. As a teenager, he gained his earliest training building bridges and light Metal airplanes. Always athletic by nature, as a child he cross country skied several miles to school, and later became a professional downhill skier and ski jumper and amateur ice hockey player. Also always drawn to the arts, he became an accomplished singer and violin and guitar player. After the war he graduated from Engineering College and worked as a Project Engineer. From 1952 to 1956 he apprenticed in Art and Design with Professor Vaclav Kautman at the Academy of Art in Bratislava. In 1960 he graduated from Komensky University with a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering. Professor Kautman left a profound influence on Georgeʼs artistic sensibilities. During his apprenticeship George became a prolific woodworker, making wood carvings, sculptures and objects of beauty, including one of a kind furniture pieces. Unfortunately all his art work had to be left behind when George, his wife and two daughters escaped from then communist Czechoslovakia and immigrated in 1966, first to Israel and then in 1968 to the United States. The Stanecs took a boat from Israel to Brooklyn where George searched the Want Ads for any job he could get just to support his family until he and his wife learned English and could pass all the necessary exams and certifications to be able to work in their professions. To his wifeʼs and childrenʼs protests he accepted a dangerous job working in elevator shafts. In 1969 he landed his first engineering job and from then on until 1990 George worked for major corporations, specializing in Computerized Control and Instrumentation Design Systems. After retiring from corporate life, he returned full time to his love of art and design. The concept for Tiagra was born in the Museum of Modern Art on one of George and Annaʼs frequent visits. While contemplating a Jackson Pollock painting, George witnessed an elderly woman slip with her cane in hand while attempting to rise from the bench she was sitting on. With quick reflex and old country chivalry, George jumped toward the elderly woman and caught her before she hit the ground. A few weeks later George caught another falling woman at the Metropolitan Opera. It was in the fall of 1990 and during “the falls” of 1990 that George became obsessed with designing a superior walking cane. Since then George has caught quite a few falling ladies and an occasional gentleman too. While creating Tiagra, George was shocked to discover that the basic design of the cane had not been changed in 300 years! With the skills he honed as a young man, George carved the prototypes of the wooden handles himself and was happy to be making art again.


George measuring canes

ANNA STANEC, M.D. - Medical Consultant, Anesthesiologist

Also born in the former Czechoslovakia, Anna received her medical diploma from Komensky University and was board certified in anesthesiology. Anna was deeply influenced by her aunt, a physician and poet who perished in the Holocaust. Anna is an accomplished physician and writer, currently working on her memoirs of being a “hidden child” during World War II. She is a member of thirteen professional societies with 20 years experience of clinical research in neuromuscular transmission and malignant hyperthermia. She was professor and Chair of the Dept. of Anesthesiology at St. Josephʼs Hospital in Paterson N.J. She has presented extensive academic lecture series on anesthesia and has 116 publications and scientific presentations in peer review journals and scientific exhibits. She has collaborated with George on many projects for decades and still very much enjoys his company.

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